Peaberrys Coffee Roasters is a specialist roaster and coffee supplier based in Newcastle, serving the Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Northern NSW.

Our story started way back in 2000, when Adrian & Debbie set up a market stall at the original Honeysuckle Growers Markets selling bags of their coffee to the people of Newcastle. The coffee he roasted came as a welcome alternative to what was available at the time. The blends were light and elegant with a focus on the coffees individual character.

As the reputation for tasty, local coffee grew – we started working with cafes & espresso bars throughout Newcastle and the Hunter Valley who were looking for better coffee and more support.

Today, as we work with more businesses around NSW and across Australia, we’re still the same family business focussed on partnering with great cafes and espresso bars to serve delicious coffee. Read more about our coffee here.



It’s news to many people that coffee isn’t actually a bean, but rather the seed of a fruit – the coffee cherry. The typical coffee cherry has two seeds (beans), however sometimes the cherry forms one, smaller seed known as a Peaberry. A little bit different, just like us.

We invite you to buy our coffees online or enquire about becoming a wholesale customer.