Robert Greer knows great coffee! He’s been pouring coffees and working to create successful cafes for years.

Rob is our Brand Manager, friendly Quality Control expert and your partner in the creation of great coffee. He’s on-hand to ensure every coffee you serve is Peaberry’s perfection.

In celebration of one of the roles that Rob plays in our broader Peaberrys community, we stole him away to pick his knowledgeable brain on all things quality and coffee.

What exactly is it that you do?

I partner with our wholesale customers and regularly check-in with them on-site to make sure everything is working as it should be. If they need maintenance on a piece of Peaberrys equipment, I can help with small repairs or bring in Coffee Tech to help if necessary.

I also visit cafes when they don’t need me on a three monthly or less basis, just to make sure everything is working ok, to listen to any feedback and to see how everything is going in their world of equipment, recipes and coffee making. If they are really busy, I might even jump on the tools and help out.

Why is quality control so important at Peaberrys?

We’re big on making great coffee and we want our flagship cafes to have everything they need to do so too. Our goal is to help their businesses thrive and to offer the best coffee you can get, no matter the location. I also offer on-site (at your cafe) barista training to help baristas to stay on top of new coffee technologies and recipes.

What do you love about what you do?

I get a real kick out of visiting the cafes and getting to know the business owners, staff and baristas working there. I love to see what other cafes are doing. I also like to take a photo or two so that we can feature them on Facebook or Instagram.

How do you take your coffee?

I am a huge black coffee drinker. I feel the best way to appreciate an origin/blend is to try an espresso or long black first and see what magic happens!

Fav Peaberrys’ blend?

Straight Up is my stalwart. Huge bold, juicy chocolate and citrus with a bold body and clean finish.

What’s your favourite piece of equipment?

Our new 5kg Probat Coffee Roaster! With the addition of this little guy we have opened up a wealth of roasting opportunities and discovered new ways to push our origins. And it has enabled us to truly step into filter coffee in a big way.

Besides making coffee, what do you like to do?

Im a huge music/sci-fi nerd. I play bass guitar in my free time with some friends and get as much Doctor Who viewing time as i can. And as a tribute to my heritage (Scotland), I’m an avid single malt scotch enthusiast.

What do you love about working for Peaberrys?

Being involved in something bigger than myself is a challenge I’ve always wanted, and now i have it! But what truly gets me out of bed in the morning is the opportunity to help cafe owners and small business realise their full potential.