Peaberrys At Work


Does your workplace live in the dark ages of instant coffee?

Do you or your staff spend mornings and afternoons searching for the local coffee shop or lining up at a coffee van for your pick-me up?

We’ve launched a brand new program that allows you and/or your staff to enjoy cafe-style coffee without leaving the office.

Introducing our new Peaberrys At Work Program.

Great, cafe quality coffee makes people happy and creates a positive office culture that converts into productive and energised employees.

Peaberrys Coffee Roasters now offers everything you need to serve consistently tasty coffee in your workplace. If you’re the boss, you’ll definitely make some team members very happy by introducing quality coffee in the workplace. If you’re an employee, this is something you’ll want to share with the boss.

Our new Peaberrys At Work wholesale and equipment packages feature:

  • Top quality, user-friendly, automatic coffee machines by FRANKE;
  • An ongoing coffee, training and supply service; and
  • A unique package designed to suit the needs of your business.

Cafe quality coffee at the touch of a button.

The FRANKE offers enjoyment at the touch of a button in a compact, super-automatic coffee machine. This machine is simple for anyone to use.

The FRANKE brand is renowned for designing top quality machines created for commercial and hospitality applications. The FRANKE H will provide up to 50 delicious coffees per day that you and your employees will love.

Matched with an ongoing coffee, training and supply service designed to suit the needs of each business, Peaberrys At Work simplifies coffee at work for happy business owners through to team leaders and hard working staff.

Click here to book a demo of our FRANKE coffee machine.